March 8, 2020 - 11:00 am

Tickets available via the NST website here:

Image is a flyer showing all sponsorship opportunities. Flyer reads: Sponsorship Opportunities Title Sponsor £2,500 2 banners on stage Stand in sponsor room Up to 4 social media mentions Up to 8 tickets to the event Mention by host on the day twice Logo on poster Supporting Sponsor £1,000 1 Pull up banner at sign in desk Stand in sponsor room (prime location) Up to 3 social media mentions 5 free tickets to the event Mention by host on the day once Logo on the poster £500 Sponsor Stand in sponsor room Up to 2 social media mentions 3 free tickets to the event Mention by host on the day once £250 Sponsor Stand in sponsor room Up to 2 social media mentions 2 free tickets to the event Literature displayed at sign in £100 Sponsor Stand in sponsor room 1 social media mentions 1 free ticket to the event £50 Sponsor Literature displayed 1 social media mentions 1 free ticket to the event Sunday 8th March 2020 11.00AM to 4.00PM Nuffield Theatre City SouthamptonHeld on International Women’s Day 2020, this is a day of phenomenal women telling their stories of adversity and hope; there will be stalls; and workshops. The speakers are travelling from different parts of the country. See further down this page for more details on each speaker and workshop leader.

Although this event is about phenomenal women, it’s definitely open to all; at VieNess Discover You Love You CIC, we celebrate and appreciate diversity and inclusivity, and, most of all, kindness to one another; if you believe in that too, please do come.

We are looking for sponsors for the event, so, if you would like to be involved, please do get in touch; I do want the sponsors to be female-focused, so that could be women-led businesses, or products for women, or, well, you tell me.

The event will be a fundraiser for VieNess Discover You Love You CIC, enabling us to take more workshops into schools and educational groups, working with children and young people, aged 4 to 19.


Sylvia Mac is sitting side on to the camera with her arms wrapped around her legs. She is wearing a turquoise bikini with small white polkadots. Her hair is white-blonde, and she is looking at the camera with a huge smile on her face.Sylvia Mac: Child Burn Survivor, Campaigner & Founder of LOVE DISFIGURE.

Sylvia set up Love Disfigure over 3 years ago to raise awareness for people with scars, health and skin conditions that affect their appearance facially and/or bodily.

Since sharing her video reveal online and her scars for the first time, many of her campaigns have gone viral. She has been on ITV This Morning with a group of ladies and also walked their runway, dressed by Gok Wan. She recently received a ‘Point Of Light’ award from 10 Downing street and a personal signed letter from Theresa May.

Sylvia encourages everyone to embrace their body regardless of how they look and believes that we are all beautiful and unique.

The image shows a head and shoulders shot of Morgan Hayley looking directly at the camera. Hey hair is dark at the roots and different shades of blonde, and very curly. Her eyes are wide, and she is wearing eyelinder. She has a small smile on her face, and her expression is almost asking a question. She isn't wearing any visible clothes in the photo.Morgan Hayley

Morgan is a disabled woman living in a larger body and her Instagram page is a true testament to living life fully and embracing every possibility.

She is a true inspiration to many, demonstrating that EVERY BODY deserves to feel happy in their skin.

See her Instagram here.

The image shows Mia Violet, a woman with red hair, posing in front of a tree. She is holding an open blue book with the title "Yes, you are trans enough" on the front cover. Mia is wearing a black dress with halloween themed patterns on it. She is looking off to the side, and slightly smiling.Mia Violet is a writer and bisexual trans woman who uses her platform to discuss queer issues and mental health. Otherwise Mia enjoys discussing self-love and other positive well-being techniques, which she credits with helping her reboot her former grumpy and pessimistic personality into an optimistic one, giving her a new fun outlook on life. It’s her hope that she can share ways in which people can bring more love and light into their own lives, whether to help them overcome their own personal difficulties or just to work towards a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

See her website here.

The image shows Fatima Timbo in a white bodycon dress, wearing snakeskin patterned high heels. She is standing in between a fence and a brick wall. Her arms are outstretched, touching the fence and the wall. Her long black hair falls to just above her waist. She is wearing a sparkly silver bracelet and earrings, and looking to the right, with a cheeky smile.Fatima Timbo is a 22 year old little women with condition called achondroplasia (most common type of dwarfism) who is a body positivity campaigner.

She is also an Instagram model that loves to dance. From being bullied in during her school yeah and not having a voice to being a confident and sassy fashionista. She does not let her condition hold her back and now inspires others to feel comfortable in their own skin.

See her Instagram here.

Workshop Leaders

Becki Short is wearing a rainbow sequin leotard, gold wings, a flower crown in the colours of the pansexual flag (pink, yellow and blue) and blue high heels. She is standing in a field, with her arms outstretched. her dark brown hair is curled, and falls to her shoulders. Body hair can be seen under her arms and on her legs. She is beaming.Becki Short is a singing teacher and singer/songwriter. She will be running a Singing for Confidence workshop and being generally fabulous.

Becki has been working as a self employed singing teacher and performer for 7 years. She works with students of all ages and abilities, and is proactive in her passion for inclusivity across the arts and across life.

See her Instagram here.

The image shows Kim Furnish looking at the camera, smiling. Her hair is blonde, in a bob, with a fringe. She is wearing a white shirt with the words "Do what you love, love what you do" on it. Each letter is a different colour, and the o's in the words love are hearts. Behind her we can see a window with a blind over it.Kim Furnish MSc Positive Psychology, laughter yoga practitioner. Laughter will energise you and it promotes health and well being so we’ll be having two short bursts of laughter yoga during the event.

See her Instagram here.