Vie in an "Eliminate Body Hate" TopI lived my life within limits. I was told so many things that I believed because we innately believe things people tell us. Those things restricted me. My life was only half-lived.

Then, on top of a life long condition, I developed other illnesses. Life felt like it was not worth living. Thankfully, that changed. My illnesses, oddly, made me realise how lucky I am. I realised that, although my body protested a lot, it was still capable of so much. I started doing things that, previously, I would have felt ridiculous doing.

I started learning, then performing, burlesque. After a few years of performing, I started teaching, and I LOVE my workshops. Women come to them, most with low self-esteem, most feeling they can never be sexy, and they walk out with heads held high. How can I not love that?!!

Vie Portland in a purple 1920's inspired outfitI also started teaching dance. When I was a child, I really wanted to be a dancer but I was told it was a waste of time and I was too big anyway. No, it’s not a waste of time, and, no, I am not too big. I truly believe everyone can get pleasure from dancing and I will do whatever I can to enable that.

Then came the body confidence workshops. The change in the women I work with! I love it so much! I know these women are beautiful when they come in; when they leave, they are beginning to feel that about themselves too.

And, following on from that, I got selected to be a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador. I am very proud to be one.

So. Vie-ness. It is about life. It is about living it. It is about making the best of what you have. I can help.

Anna and Vie at a Body Confidence Beach Photoshoot

“I have been attending Vie-ness events from the beginning – dance nights, body confidence workshops, dance classes. Vie-ness has changed my life! Vie has helped me accept myself and my body, as I am, and to learn to start the journey towards loving myself unconditionally. Her workshops are always welcoming, inclusive, and full of fun and laughter. I would recommend her workshops to all.

– Anna Mould