Community Interest Company

What is a Community Interest Company?

A Community Interest Company is a type of company designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the good of the community.

CIC’s are funded in a variety of ways, one of them being via donations. If you would like to donate to Vieness Discover You Love You CIC, you can do so using the button below. There are also other ideas for how you can help further down this page.

What will VieNess Discover You Love You CIC be doing in the community?

We will be offering workshops on body image and self esteem to educational establishments in Southampton and the surrounding area. They could be just an hour long, a morning or afternoon, a day, or over a course of a few sessions. Some schools may be able to pay for the workshops; others may make a contribution; some may not be able to afford to pay at all. We don’t want any school to not benefit from the workshops because they can’t afford to pay and this is why we need to apply for grants and why we ask for your help to fundraise. 

What to do if you would like VieNess Discover You Love You CIC to come into your school.

If you would like us to come in to run a workshop at your primary or secondary school, or your home education group, or your Guides group, or anywhere where you have children and young people aged 4 to 19, either contact us via the contact form or email us at:

Please do consider making a donation for the workshop if you can’t afford the full amount. If you can pay the full amount, please do so, as that will subsidise workshops for those establishments that can’t afford to pay.  

How you can help.

CICs get their funding from grants, contributions and fundraising, so having supporters who fundraise are invaluable, as they enable the work to happen.

  • You can help by having fundraising events and activities for VieNess Discover You Love You CIC.
  • You can book me for coaching sessions, or to run a workshop for your friends, or your business; a percentage of all payments go to the CIC.
  • Please nominate VieNess Discover You Love You everywhere in Southampton and surrounds that does the green token schemes that you can vote for when you do your shopping.  You can collect the forms from Waitrose, Asda, and anywhere where they have the token scheme.
  • Please share social media posts and tell people about the work we are doing; the more people that know about us, the more we can do.