Schools and Youth Groups

In the 2018 Children’s Society Report, it was stated that children’s well-being is lower than it has been in over two decades, and that girls are unhappier with their lives, more likely to have depression, and levels of self harm are increasing. The report highlighted that young people are struggling with society’s expectations of them, with girls and boys affected by being bombarded by comments about their appearance at school and on social media.

In the Be Real Campaign, they found that 76% of students said that learning about body confidence as part of the curriculum made them feel more positive about themselves.

With so many demands on teachers and teaching staff, it’s almost impossible for them to add yet more work.

My Qualifications and Experiences

I worked as a nanny for many years, as a learning support assistant in a secondary school, and a support worker for children and young adults with learning disabilities, working with ages from 0 to 19, all with relevant qualifications, I have vast experience of working with children and young people.

Using my psychology, counselling, children and young people experience, as well as lived experience, I work with all ages, teaching young people ways to be more accepting of their own, and others, bodies. This can be done via one off workshops, lasting a minimum of an hour, to a course of sessions.

What I Do

With primary level children, I play a game that asks questions, encouraging them to think about how they and others are perceived. Because it’s a game, the children approach it with excitement and are more willing to be open in their conversation; through open discussions, the children learn more about each other and raises their empathy. In further sessions, points raised through the game would be discussed, as well as working together on worksheets, and other discussion points.

With secondary age young people, in an hour session, there would be discussion topics raised and considered. Through the conversations, the students become more aware of how they are not alone with their thoughts, that other people have the same concerns as they do, raising their understanding and compassion of each other. In some of the tasks, the young people become aware of how highly thought of they are by their peers, which frequently comes as a shock to them, and it’s always beautiful to see.

Over a course of sessions, there will be discussion points, worksheets, and creativity tasks. Through these sessions, they become further aware of the differences and similarities between them and their peers, developing stronger relationships,better resilience, and learning ways to become who they want to be, rather than what they feel they are being pressured to be.

Half day: £150
Full day: £280
Please enquire for weekly rates.