For a fun event, lasting between one to four hours, you can book me to come and deliver a workshop. They can be at your home, your place of work, or in a hired venue. They are great events to have with friends for hen parties; birthdays; general get togethers; with work colleagues; and for fundraising events. If you have an idea, do get in touch via the contact form. Prices on request.

Embracing You

In this workshop, we’ll watch a screening of the film “Embrace” and then discuss points raised from it. This works really well as a ladies night, especially when you want to help friends feel better about who they are. It also works really well with teenagers, encouraging them to see the realities of photoshopping and how we are all more than our exteriors. A really empowering film. Three hour workshop.

Body Positivity

This works well in a variety of groups:

It’s is an unusual but effective work activity; a great activity if most of the water cooler conversations are about diets. A workforce that’s happier with itself are more productive.

It’s a useful workshop to do with a group of supportive friends, where you help and encourage each other. It also encourages a group of teens to address their body confidence issues. Three hour workshop.


Fun workshops with an international professional burlesque performer. Learn some of the history and styles of burlesque, as well as poses, walks, glove removal, working with props, routines, and more. A chance to release your inner showgirl. A great, fun, confidence booster. No dance experience necessary. For people aged 18+ only. Two to four hour workshops available.

Vintage Dance

Do you want to learn how to Charleston? Big Apple? GoGo? Do you want to learn wartime dances? Or silly 70s ones, suitable for any disco? And Strolls are fun for solo dances to swing and rock’n’roll. You can book just one style of dance for a workshop, or you can dance through the decades and have several styles. Workshops from one to four hours available.

“Today Vie held a Burlesque workshop for us. I walked in thinking I had 2 left feet and generally uncoordinated and I left buzzing having learnt a whole routine and feeling much more confident about moving and my body. Vie provide a safe space to teach, everything is slowed down to a pace that everyone can manage. It’s all provided with humour and fun. Vie has a huge amount of experience to teach from, I’d highly recommended and truly hope this comes about again. Thank you. <3”